An ICME Trilogy is a selection of papers and other inputs produced for the 10th International Congress on Mathematical Education, ICME 10, in Denmark in 2004; and for ICME 11 in Mexico as well for ICME 12 in Souh Korea in 2012.

The MADIFpapers is a selection of papers written for the MADIF conferences arranged by the Swedish Society for Research in Mathematics Education. It is held the day before the Swedish Biennale where mathematics teachers from kindergarten to college meet to share knowledge through exhibitions and to inform themselves about new trends and ideas, and listen to foreign or local researchers having met the day before at the MADIF confernce.

Diagnozing Poor PISA Performance is a selection of papers aimed at diagnozing and curing poor PISA performance. Increased research has let to decreasing PISA math results as In Sweden caused by a goal/means confusion. Grounded as a means to an outside goal, mathematics becomes a natural science about the physical fact Many. This ManyMatics differs from the school’s Mathematics. However, ManyMatics might be the cure against poor PISA performance.

Foucault and Mathematics
Two discourses about the natural fact Many exist, both called Mathematics. One suppresses the other. Two discourses about learning exist, both called education. One is based upon European Bildung, the other upon North-American Enlightenment.
The French post-structuralist thinker Michel Foucault gives one understanding of competing discourses.

Postmodern Contingency Research
A paper that answers three questions: What is the postmodern? Is there a postmodern research paradigm? To what field of mathematics education research can postmodern research contribute, and what are examples of postmodern studies?

ICME13 papers is a selection of papers written for the ICME 13, the 13th International Congress on Mathematics Education, ask how mathematics education would look like from the viewpoint of the existentialist principle ‘existence precedes essence’.

Miscellaneous contains papers and PowerPointPresentations written for various conferences or lectures