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We look at how addition can be reversed by moving numbers to the other side reversing their signs:
x*3 + 2 = 14 is reversed to x = (14 – 2) / 3.
This enables us to do both forward and backward calculations.
Thus we can consider the classical quantitative literature consisting of word-problems, especially from economy and physics.

Q: How can counting & adding be reversed ?
A: By calculating backward, i.e. by moving a number to the other side of the equation sign and reversing its calculation sign.

Q: Counting ? 3s and adding 2 gave 14.
A. x*3+2=14 is reversed to x = (14-2)/3

Q: Can all calculations be reversed?
A: Yes.
   x+a = b  is reversed to  x = b-a
   x*a = b  is reversed to  x = b/a
   x^a = b  is reversed to  x = a√b
   a^x = b  is reversed to  x = loga(b)