What is CATS

CATS reinvents mathematics as a natural science about the natural fact MANY.
What do we do when we meet MANY?
Two things, first we Count, then we Add, and we do that where we live, in Time and Space.
So this approach can be called the CATS-approach to mathematics: Count&Add in Time&Space.

Counting sticks can be doine in 3 ways: 1.order-counting, 2.order-counting and 3.order-counting.

1.order-counting means rearranging the sticks in icons, so that there are five sticks in the five-icon 5 etc. So an icon contains the degree of Many it describes. 1.order-counting stops after nine, thus ten has no icon.

2.order-counting counts by bundling and stacking in icon-bundles, i.e. counting in e.g. 5s, but not in tens.

3.order-counting counts in tens, a very special number: the only number with a name but without an icon.

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