Fresh start precalculus

Fresh start precalculus
Using Sociological Imagination to Create a Paradigm Shift
As a social institution, mathematics education might be inspired by sociological imagination, seen by Mills and Baumann as the core of sociology.
Thus, we might have s Kuhnian paradigm shift if, as a number-language, mathematics would follow the communicative turn that took place in language education in the 1970s lead by  Halliday in 1973 nad Widdowson in 1978 by prioritizing its connection to the outside world higher than its inside connection to its grammar.
So why not try designing a fresh-start precalculus curriculum that begins from scratch to allow students gain a new and fresh understanding of basic mathematics, and of the real power and beauty of mathematics, its ability as a number-language for modeling to provide an inside prediction for an outside situation? Therefore, let us try to design a precalculus curriculum through, and not before its outside use.
The text is taken from the paper ‘The Same Mathematics Curriculum for Different Students’ written for the ICMI Study 24, School Mathematics Curriculum Reforms: Challenges, Changes and Opportunities, held in Tsukuba, Japan, 26-30 November 2018.
Teaching material may be found in a compendium called ‘Mathematics Predicts’ (Tarp, 2009).