Korean Math Ed 2021

Flexible Bundle-numbers Develops Children’s Innate Mastery of Many workshop, YouTube video

Flexible Bundle Numbers Workshop Web, PDF-version

Apparently, we have 2 Mathematics Paradigms, one without Units, and one With Units
• an inside ‘no-unit-math’ paradigm, where 1 plus 2 is 3 always, and
• an outside ‘unit-math’ paradigm, where 1 plus 2 depends on the units
The ‘unit-math’ paradigm builds on the philosophy, EXISTENTIALISM, where EXISTENCE precedes ESSENCE
So, unit-math describes real existence, and neglects institutionalized essence
The outside, ‘unit-math’ paradigm, provides the same mathematics, as the inside, ‘no-unit-math’ paradigm, only in a different order. And, the ‘unit-math’ paradigm, avoids the inside paradigm’s ‘mathema-tism’, with its falsifiable, addition-claims.
So, to become a full science, mathematics should leave, its 1 plus 2 is 3, ‘no-unit-math’ greenhouse, and accept that, of course, numbers cannot add, without units.
It should teach the outside ‘counting-before-adding’, ‘unit-math’, paradigm,
where Numbers and operations are icons, linked directly to existing things, and actions

The Korean Society of Mathematical Education has their yearly conference i mid December.
I had the presentation above, a workshop, and 7 YouTube posters accepted.

PP1 Allan Tarp(MATHeCADEMY.net)/ Ethical Math Welcomes Primary and Middle School Calculus (https://youtu.be/PedfLp1XiQU)

PP2 Allan Tarp(MATHeCADEMY.net)/ In Ethical Math, Mastery of Many Precedes Mastery of Math (https://youtu.be/xELn2-6vefc)

PP3 Allan Tarp(MATHeCADEMY.net)/ Demodeling Math Outside its ‘no-unit-math’ Greenhouse (https://youtu.be/K4RhJtll1W8)

PP4 Allan Tarp(MATHeCADEMY.net)/ Bring Back Brains from Special Ed: Recount, don’t Add (https://youtu.be/yg5994TVH0Y)

PP5 Allan Tarp(MATHeCADEMY.net)/ 8 Competencies? No, only 2 Competences: Count & Add (https://youtu.be/wTIbOvVZCZs)

PP6 Allan Tarp(MATHeCADEMY.net)/ Including All in PreCalculus with a PerNumber Curriculum (https://youtu.be/l-BHSh8Kq94)

PP7 Allan Tarp(MATHeCADEMY.net)/ From STEM to STEAM – or to STEEM with Economics Instead? (https://youtu.be/W-njyKtiBWY)