Woke-Math never Forces Fixed Forms upon Flexible Totals.

Woke-math respects flexible bundle-numbers for a total instead of imposing a linear number upon it.

So, woke-math warns that imposing line-numbers without units as five upon a total of fingers will disrespect the fact that the actual total may exist in different forms, all with units: as 5 1s, as 1 5s, as 1Bundle3 2s, as 2Bundle1 2s, as 3Bundle-1 2s, etc.    

Woke-math builds on a basic observation asking a 3year old “How old next time?” The answer typically is four showing four fingers. Holding them together 2 by 2, that child objects “That is not 4, that is 2 2s.” The child thus sees what exist in space and time, bundles of 2s in space, and 2 of them in time when counted. So, what exist are totals to be counted and added in time and space, as T = 2 2s.

Woke-math thus builds on the philosophy called existentialism holding that existence precedes essence, i.e., that what exists outside precedes what we say about it inside.

By de-modeling mathematics instead of modeling reality, woke-math offers “Master Many to master Math” as an alternative to the traditional approach, “Master Math to master Many”.

Woke-math respects, that outside totals inside may be counted and recounted in various two-dimensional bundle-numbers with units; and rejects one-dimensional line-numbers without units since they lead to ‘mathematism’ true inside, but seldom outside, where 2+3 = 5 is falsified by 2weeks + 3days = 17 days.

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