Bundle-Bundle-Numbers with Units

Many before Math, Math decolonized by the child’s own BundleBundle-Numbers with units, a YouTube video, and a PDF version.

Flexible Bundle-numbers Develops Children’s Innate Mastery of Many workshop, YouTube video

Flexible Bundle Numbers Workshop Web, PDF-version

Bundle-Bundle-numbers with Units may make Children stay Numerate, booklet

Many-Math, sheet

Many-Math, folder

Apparently, we have 2 Mathematics Paradigms, one without Units, and one With Units

• an inside ‘no-unit-math’ paradigm, where 1 plus 2 is 3 always despite 1week + 2days is 9days, and
• an outside ‘unit-math’ paradigm, where 1 plus 2 depends on the units

The ‘unit-math’ paradigm builds on the philosophy, EXISTENTIALISM, where EXISTENCE precedes ESSENCE
So, unit-math describes real existence, and neglects institutionalized essence

The outside, ‘unit-math’ paradigm, provides the same mathematics, as the inside, ‘no-unit-math’ paradigm, only in a different order. And, the ‘unit-math’ paradigm, avoids the inside paradigm’s ‘mathema-tism’, with its falsifiable, addition-claims.

So, to become a full science, mathematics should leave, its 1 plus 2 is 3, ‘no-unit-math’ greenhouse, and accept that, of course, numbers cannot add, without units.

It should teach the outside ‘counting-before-adding’, ‘unit-math’, paradigm, where Numbers and operations are icons, linked directly to existing things, and actions