ICME 15 Sidney

ICME-15: Come and be counted!

What is the 15th International Congress on Mathematical Education?

The International Congress on Mathematical Education is the largest international conference on mathematics education in the world. This quadrennial event is organised under the auspices of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction and explores current global trends in mathematics education research and mathematics teaching practices at all levels.

The 15th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-15) will take place 7-14 July 2024 at International Convention Centre in Sydney, Australia. ICME-15 promises to be an innovative congress that builds on the well-established ICME program, showcasing established and emerging thought leaders from around the world.


Modeling Eased by Demodeling and Rerooting, paper for Topic Study Group 3.4, accepted as poster

A Text-Free Math Education Found by Difference Research for Protection Against Alien Artificial Intelligence, paper for Topic Study Group 5.10, apparently rejected?

Decolonizing mathematics when demodeling it by using the child’s uncolonized 2D bundle-numbers with units, workshop

Decolonizing mathematics, can that secure numeracy for all, and be protected from AI?, discussion group, reejcted

Abstracts on the ICME15 website 15

Digital poster for TSG 3.4: De-colonizing mathematics by de-modeling & re-rooting.

Many before Math, Math decolonized by the child’s own BundleBundle-Numbers with units, a YouTube video