MADIF papers 2000-2020


Swedish school mathematics always fascinated me. Each second year Sweden arranges a Biennale where mathematics teachers from kindergarten to college meet to share knowledge through exhibitions and to inform themselves about new trends and ideas, and listen to foreign or local researchers having met the day before at the MADIF conference, the Swedish Mathematics Education Research Seminar arranged by the Swedish Society for Research in Mathematics Education. Furthermore, In 1999 the Swedish government decided to establish and gracefully fund a national resource centre for mathematics education, NCM, describing its task to ‘co-ordinate, support, develop and implement the contributions which promote Swedish mathematics education from pre- school to university college’.

The MADIF papers 2000-2020 written for the MADIF conferences preceding the Biennale:

M02. Killer-Equations, Job Threats and Syntax Errors

M03. Student-mathematics versus teacher-Metamatics

M04. Mathematism and the Irrelevance of the Research Industry

M05. The 12 Math-Blunders of Killer-Mathematics

M06. Mathematics: Grounded Enlightenment – or Pastoral Salvation

M07. Discourse Protection in Mathematics Education

M08. Post-Constructivism

M09. Golden Learning Opportunities in Preschool

M10. Calculators and IconCounting and CupWriting in PreSchool and in Special Needs Education

M10b. Grounding Conflicting Theories

M11a.The Simplicity of Mathematics Designing a STEM-based Core Mathematics Curriculum for Young Male Migrants

M11b. Math Competenc(i)es – Catholic or Protestant?

M12a. Sustainable Adaption to Quantity: From Number Sense to Many Sense

M12b. Per-numbers connect Fractions and Proportionality and Calculus and Equations

M12c. Sustainable Adaption to Double-Quantity: From Pre-calculus to Per-number Calculations

M12d. A Lyotardian Dissension to the Early Childhood Consensus on Numbers and Operations

M12e. Salon des Refusés, a Way to Assure Quality in the Peer Review Caused Replication Crisis?

Except for my first two contributions, they were all rejected