Migrant Math in twenty 1page Sheets



  1. From Sticks to Icons
  2. Counting-sequences in Icons
  3. CupCount in Icons
  4. CupCount with Dices
  5. ReCount in the Same Unit
  6. ReCount in a New Unit
  7. ReCount in BundleBundles
  8. ReCount in Tens on Squared Paper or an Abacus
  9. ReCount from Tens
  10. ReCount Large Numbers in Tens
  11. DoubleCount with PerNumbers
  12. DoubleCount with Fractions and Percentages
  13. ReCount PerNumbers, Fractions
  14. Add OnTop
  15. Reversed Adding OnTop
  16. Add NextTo
  17. Reversed Adding NextTo
  18. Add Tens
  19. Reversed Adding Tens
  20. Recounting Solves Equations