12 Proposals for 1day Skype Seminars

Twelve proposals for Skype seminars

01) The Root of Mathematics, Many, dealt with by Block-Numbers, Cup-Counting and Preschool Calculus.
02) 12 Luther-like Theses about how ManyMath can Improve Math Education
03) Curing Math Dislike with one Cup and five Sticks
04) DoubleCounting rooting Proportionality – and Fractions and Percentages as PerNumbers
05) Algebraic Fractions made easy by Block-Numbers with Units
06) Algebra and Geometry, always Together, never Apart
07) Calculus in Middle School and High School
08) Mathematics, the Grammar of the Number-Language. But why teach Grammar before Language?
09) Quantitative Literature also has three Genres: Fact and Fiction and Fiddle
10) Distance Teacher Education in Mathematics by the CATS method: Count & Add in Time & Space
11) 50 years of Sterile Mathematics Education Research, Why?
12) Difference-Research, a more Successful Research Paradigm?