Posters 2018 Biennale in Sweden

Math Biennale 2018 Posters

Posters at the 2018 Swedish Biennale Stand
●Math Dislike Cured by 1 Cup & 5 Sticks
●Migrant Math for STEM Teachers/Engineers
INTRO: Saving the Princess with BundleNumbers
Good Math: MANY-Math, Tales about Totals
Bad Math: SET-Math, Tales about LineNumbers
Evil MATH: Fraction-Math, Tales about Operators
Good Math: Icons, Bundling, ReCounting & PerNumbers
Core Math from Childhood
Grand Theory in Math Ed Research & Difference Research
Math Dislike CURED by 1 Cup & 5 Sticks
Improving Schools in Sweden
Migrant-Math making migrants STEM-Teachers or Engineers
Count before you Add
Kids own Math
1Year online CATS-Course
1Week STEM-Course
Is Math True always or sometimes? Is Mathematics well-defined?
Beware of Institutions & Teachers & Research & Forced Classes
Good & Bad & Evil Education
Rejected Research Papers
Research Paper: The Simplicity of Mathematics Designing a STEM-based Core Mathematics Curriculum for Young Male Migrants
(STEM: Science + Technology + Engineering + Mathematics)