Journal of Mathematics Education 11:1

Mastering Many by Counting, Re-counting and Double-counting before Adding On-top and Next-to

Allan Tarp, The, Denmark, March 2018

Observing the quantitative competence children bring to school, and by using difference-research searching for differences making a difference, we discover a different ‘Many-matics’. Here digits are icons with as many sticks as they represent. Operations are icons also, used when bundle-counting produces two-dimensional block-numbers, ready to be re-counted in the same unit to remove or create overloads to make operations easier; or in a new unit, later called proportionality; or to and from tens rooting multiplication tables and solving equations. Here double-counting in two units creates per-numbers becoming fractions with like units; both being, not numbers, but operators needing numbers to become numbers. Addition here occurs both on-top rooting proportionality, and next-to rooting integral calculus by adding areas; and here trigonometry precedes geometry.