Math Ed and Research 2017

A collection of articles about Mathematics Education written in 2017

  1. Does Europe really need Compulsory School Classes?
  2. Mathematics, Banality or Evilness
  3. CupCounting and Calculus in Early Childhood Education
  4. Fifty Years of Research without Improving Mathematics Education, Why?
  5. A 1year pre-engineer course for Young migrants, a job for critical or civilized math education
  6. Online Teacher Training for Curing Math Dislike: Cup&Re-Counting & Multiplication Before Addition
  7. Debate on how to improve mathematics education
  8. Poster: MigrantMath as CupCounting & PreSchool Calculus
  9. A Heidegger View on How to Improve Mathematics Education
  10. Count and Multiply Before You Add: Proportionality and Calculus for Early Childhood and Migrants
  11. Proposals for the Mathematics Biennale 2018
  12. The Simplicity of Mathematics Designing a STEM-based Core Math Curriculum for Outsiders and Migrants
  13. The Simplicity of Mathematics Designing a STEM-based Core Mathematics Curriculum for Young Male Migrants
  14. Math Competenc(i)es – Catholic or Protestant?
  15. The ‘KomMod Report’, a Counter Report to the Ministry’s Competence Report
  16. Twelve Proposals for 1day Skype Seminars
  17. Difference-Research Powering PISA Performance: Count & Multiply before You Add
  18. Reflections from the CTRAS 2017 Conference in China
  19. Sixteen Proposals for the 8th ICMI-East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education
  20. Plenary PowerPointPresentation at the CTRAS 2017 July Conference in China
  21. Math Dislike
  22. Migrant Math, core math for late beginners